UK Culture Secretary – Give Gamblers More Protection


The United Kingdom Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, says that the gambling industry has to do more to establish a code of conduct. This code of conduct should relate to the amount of time and money a customer can spend at gambling machines and establishments.

There have been a few concessions from gambling establishments in recent years, but not enough for the liking of politicians. They want firms such as Ladbrokes and William Hill to have policies such as spending limits, time limits, and other safeguards to ensure people do not gamble away more than they should.

The comments of the secretary were welcomed by The Association of British Bookmakers, who believe that the few who gamble too much need to be protected. However, these policies need to be placed in a way that does not spoil the enjoyment of the vast majority who do not have an addiction problem with gambling.

There has been a voluntary code of conduct started by a few establishments, where warning messages appear on the screen, and staff are trained to spot situations where someone may be gambling away a lot of money in a short space of time.

Most of these problems are related to FoBT machines where gamblers can bet as much as 300 pounds a minute. These machines are described as being very addictive, even if a person is losing money rapidly. The problem is less associated with gambling on sports and horse racing.

If these procedures were passed, it would mean a mandatory code of conduct for any establishment in the country. Places that do not adhere to the rule would not be allowed to obtain their gambling license.

The Culture Secretary had this to say on the matter: “We want a successful gambling industry but not at the price of public protection. Player protections must be mandatory so that every bookmaker abides by these rules.”

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