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Online Sports Betting To Come To Australia


As the age of technology continues to thrive and grow, the way society operates is changing on every level. One such level is in the way sports betting takes place. With recent technological innovations, and legal negotiations giving it the go-ahead, a new online real-time mobile betting service is set to come to Australia.

Betfred, a relatively small company from the United Kingdom, has announced that they are going to be launching their mobile app in Australia in time for the 2014 Football World Cup. The mobile betting service will allow those who wish to place bets to make them and update them in real time, no matter where they are in the world. The days of having to go through a middle-man bookie may be through for Australian sports gamblers if this is successful. betting online

Online betting has been around for a while, but it’s only relatively recently been brought up to the speeds we’re seeing in Betfred. With the first online betting service opening in 1996, the topic of such practices has been discussed for decades now. Many seem to take qualms with the act, finding various reasons to protest. Some reasons cited revolve about the concerns over an increased potential for cheating or tampering with the system. Many fear that savvy hackers may be able to infiltrate and change codes that are in place, spinning the odds in their favor or rerouting earnings to different accounts. Others simply believe that the ability to place bets with outside information (such as stats gained in real time from sources outside the actual event itself) gives some taking part in gambling an unfair advantage.

There is, however, no denying that this innovation has vastly expanded the pool of potential participants. With the ease and speed that Betfred will lend its users, the mobile service can now reach an entire nation at once, with very little manpower. If the trial run with the World Cup is a success, they will likely expand to other areas such as other sports events and horse racing. The success of Betfred could, in essence, completely revolutionize the way Australians everywhere approach betting for the rest of time.

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