Pico Perdomo Back To Racing Winner Horses in Uruguay

Age does not seem to be a deterrent for horse race trainer Pico Perdomo who has managed to win Uruguay’s largest race for the second time with Brazilian colt Hielo. Even though he had a tough time five years ago with a heart attack during a training session in Saudi Arabia, Perdomo has a long reputation in international horse racing circuit for raising and training winners from America to Middle East and Europe. Perdomo’s returned to Uruguay in 2012 after his long hiatus in California and won the Gran Premio Jose Pedro Ramirez along with Montevideo’s Maronas with his winner horse All Saints who finished fourth.


 horse race trainer Pico PerdomoTraining background

Perdomo emerged in racing scene when the mare Gourmet Girl trained by him won 2001 Eclipse race and later trained other winners like Blue Eyed Davey and Stalwart Charger. He is presently training around 50 horses for races in his native Uruguay after spending nearly 48 years overseas as a trainer and jockey. Though he feels like an outsider in his native country he prefers current situation as in most other places horse racing has become tough after the recent financial crisis. Pico Perdomo has worked on setting up high value racing bloodstock in the past the situation is different in current circumstances.


Details of overseas stints

Pico Perdomo has a long association with Southern California and after his initial stint with legendry horsemen like Angel Pena and Vincent Clyne started his own public stables which he owned and managed for 25 years. As a jockey he has won around 1100 races and won the Uruguayan Triple Crown twice. His clientèle in Uruguay chiefly consists of Brazilian horse owner. Drugs are not permitted on any racing horses as they do not have to pick up speed during early part of the race like in Southern California.

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