Keno Player Wins Twice In One Night

March 2015 proved to be a lucky month for Ohio resident Jessica Bardwell as she won two club Keno prizes on the same day on March 7 while working at Fitter’s 5th Street Pub in Sedalia. A casual player of lottery, Jessica a long time resident of Sedalia, spent a quick 10 minutes while picking up her ticket and carried out a 10-Spot Quick Pick, which gave her the lucky win. Due to her tendency to worry a lot during prize announcement, Jessica put the ticket aside and did not watch the progress until the session was over. When she viewed the results and witnessed that her ticket had won $10,000 she was too stunned to react for a few minutes.


How Jessica won her second Keno

Player wins in Keno twice in one nightAfter winning the first Keno prize, Jessica was excited enough to try her luck once again at Keno itself and purchased another Club Keno 8-Spot Quick Pick ticket was flabbergasted when it was announced that she had managed win an additional $20,771. She could not believe her luck and scanned the ticket more than once to confirm that it was the winning number. Once it was confirmed that she had won both the prizes, Jessica’s joy knew no bounds and all her colleagues at Fitter’s congratulated her on the good fortune. While claiming her prize cheque in Jefferson City, the Lottery Headquarters she stated that a large part of the amount would go to pay off her student loans while a smaller amount would be invested.


About Club Keno

Players of this game can choose one set of numbers between 1 and 10 and another set between one to eighty in a random manner and then the computer will choose lucky random numbers every four minutes. Keno is a vital part of Missouri Lottery and is the state’s sixth largest revenue earner.

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