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Mobile Casinos Are Expected to Boom in Germany

When it comes to smartphones, most of the buzz has been about new hardware features, rising data usage among consumers, and falling prices for next-generation data services. There is at least one area that has been overlooked: mobile casinos and consumers’ increasing tendency to play their favourite slot machines and card games using their pocket-sized mobile device. This is an industry that deserves focus, especially in Germany. The country was one of the leaders when it came to initially legalising gambling via data connexions, and German citizens are leading the way in terms of mobile gaming as well. Growth is expected to be exponential.

One Year, Double the Revenue: Big Mobile Casino Growth Expected

Germans have access to perhaps the largest number of mobile gaming applications, driven by the country’s relatively loose regulations over who can gamble online and when that can take place. Driven by a large number of payment processors and a high concentration of seasoned casino operators, Germans have been making their approval of mobile gambling known in terms of real spending on games and real profits earned by mobile casino operators.

Mobile gambling in the country hit a milestone of just about 6 million euros in 2013. Experts and analysts expect that number to be just the beginning. By 2015, those with knowledge of consumer habits and industry practises expect mobile casinos to take in more than 12 million euros in total annual revenue. That’s a big jump, and it’s one that very well may transform the German gambling industry in a major, permanent way.

Smartphone Growth is Part of the Industry’s Success

Before smartphones and Internet-based gambling, those who wanted to play their favourite games had to make a drive and often pay for a hotel in order to do so. Mobile gaming makes that practise obsolete, and the increasing penetration of smartphones is a key driver of mobile casino growth in Germany and in several other markets around the world. Currently, slightly more than 50 percent of Europeans own a smartphone. That number is expected to increase by 30 percent year-over-year going forward.

It all adds up to some of the most exciting times for gambling fans in recent years. With more options than ever, and new ways to win on the go, gambling’s moment to go mainstream may finally have arrived in Germany.

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