June 19, 2024

The Premier League clash between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates ground has now become more interesting. Sports betting partner Bet365 is offering a £50 risk-free bet to punters favouring its favourite team Arsenal. Now punters can place a bet with Bet365 before a match on any of the markets that it is representing and the bookmaker will use this as a risk-free bet against the match outcome once the game is underway. If the punters win, they will get a share of the profits; and if they lose, Bet365 will refund the stake of £50 after the match is over.

Bet365 offers new bet

Chances of the match outcome

Liverpool club is currently the hot favourite among punters as it has won two of its opening matches since the Premier League season opened in 2015. Though Arsenal is the underdog in this match, the outcome is not predictable since Liverpool is a strong team. It made a dismal start to the season with home soil defeat against West Ham, but is still the hot favourite with bets of 3/4 and 3/1 against a draw. As Bet365 is offering around 70 in-play markets throughout the Premier League on different phases of the matches, punters can try their luck at varied levels.

Opportunities to make cash

Arsenal punters who are not keen on betting at the current price being offered by Bet365 can use this opportunity to double their returns by placing a risk free bet on Arsenal after the first kickoff. If all are at the same price, then a bet of £50 placed before the match could earn the punter anywhere between £ 87.50 and £ 175 without fear of risk. Soccer betting with Bet365 gets better as they have an extensive range of markets for pre-match betting and in-play markets along with in-play bet offer.