May 28, 2024

Popular online poker sites like and Full Tilt Poker were recently acquired by David Baazov, the CEO and President of Amaya Gaming Group Inc., for a whooping USD $4.9 billion. Online poker may be on its way to becoming legal in the US, but it is speculated that this deal will change the game as we know it. However, Mr Baazov has to clear issues first, because many major institutions and organizations are still against the idea of gambling. Also, online gambling is prohibited in many states in the country.

What can we expect in the immediate future?

In a recent interview, Mr Baazov said that he will work towards improving the popularity of the game in all sectors by developing mobile apps, partnering with other gambling centres, and also by promoting the game more efficiently through social media. Apart from this, he hinted that he was looking to increase the number of registered online users, which is about 85 million at present.

The Amaya Gaming Group’s CEO also said that his primary focus is to grow the online gambling sector by including new variations of the game and by increasing his customer base. See more here.

Not scared of opposition

Businessmen like Sheldon Gary Adelson, CEO and Chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corp, are fighting to ban online gambling in all states. Baazov, however, is not fazed. He truly believes that PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker will be successful not only in America, but in Asia and Europe, as well.Gambling

When asked if he wants California to be his main online gaming hub, Baazov said that he’s expecting the industry to grow throughout the US with time, and that he’s not relying on one state alone. He also said that Amaya Group’s debt of $2.9 billion can be financed without effort because of the large number of customers that the online poker platforms already have.