April 24, 2024
Lucky San Mateo Resident Wins $225 M Jackpot

Whether it’s a game of averages or a selection of numbers played on true chance, winners of jackpot prizes are truly deemed ‘lucky.’

Big winners

Recently, a lucky player from San Mateo, California defeated odds of 1 in 176 million to win a $225 million Powerball jackpot. Drawn Wednesday September 25, a resident of sunny Cali struck gold with a ticket that matched all six numbers drawn.

The sole winner purchased the winning ticket at Key Market located along South Norfolk Street. Store owners Jack and Nancy Dehoff were equally enthused as they receive a nifty prize of $1 million for having sold the winner his ticket.

The six successful numbers called that won the big jackpot for the opportune player were 7, 14, 21, 24, and 41, followed by Powerball number 26.

The win made public through a Tweet later that night by California Lottery had players rapt in awe and wonder. A lot of folk have expressed excitement and wished the fortuitous player well, with such an incredible win the bag.

While another lotto winner was announced on Wednesday as well. $11 million Super Lotto online winner from Stockton, California also made lottery news waves having bagged a considerable prize.

Although the identities of the players are yet to be revealed, they join the illustrious list of colossal jackpots won this year. In February, a Bay Area resident won an enormous $425 million Powerball jackpot with a ticket purchased at a local store in Milpitas.

Method approaches

Lotto players play to win big and though you might miss most times, chances to win the big prize are always present and at times quite close. While some players work with a special technique and adopt a calculated approach, others choose to play the numbers game or randomly pick a series of seemingly lucky draws. Many players even go as far as to use computerised software to help get a better analysis of their game and round up a series of statistical advantageous numbers that might put them in a better position.